Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Occupy UGC, with love

because they dont let you read
because they dont let you pray
because they dont let you eat
because flowers wither in the bone chilling heat of winters
the smoke of which rises from the pyres of our screams and tears and cuts and bruises
scars of lathis and fingers stuck twisted broken in barricades in the clutches of the fists of the state that drags you through streets snarling pulling shoving its hands in places
you dont want to be touched and the skin scrapes off your arms mingling mixing
with the tar of roads that bears your blood and remembers.
because nights 33 nights spent on roads
trying to spark your anger with fires lit from the bodies of those that died screaming in rage against the tyranny of power
is exactly what they do not want you to do.
because copies of muktibodh lie around waiting for us to come home and read.
because thats the only way to be alive.
Struggle. Love. Struggle.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A lor of people found this disturbing. Others found it amusing. Some others told me im better than this. 

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Dear Anyone,
I have run out of metaphors to put into writing what I am going through.
The truth is, what I am going through is really nothing. And yet,
I am tormented, scathed, and alone and suffocated.
Dear Anyone,
Will you come to me when I try to sleep? Come to me when I try to sleep.
Stroke my arm, kiss my shoulder, and put me to sleep.
Drink in my naked body; stare at me in the mirror,
Touch my belly without repulsion, lift my breasts
With curiosity- Teach me to love myself.
Wrench out my fear and loathe for my own soul and body
And teach me to love myself.
Dear Anyone,
I am broken in places. I am the cigarette that doesn’t burn through and through.
I want to burn through and through. My nerves tingle under my skin,
Snaking along the course of my body, threatening to crawl out into the open.
Dear Anyone,
I despair, oh how I despair. How I need. Take it away, wont you?
Take away the need and the yearning and don’t ever leave me:
There’s a conundrum for you. The bile in my stomach rises up in my mouth.
Take away that ugly ache in my stomach, love, wont you.
Kiss me sweetly,

Crush my bones to white dust. Set me free, love. Set me free. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My Dog.

I came to know
My dog died.

My dog was __ yrs old.
He wasn't really my dog.
He was a stray. The last
Of the two left
From a littler of five

For the last couple of days
I couldnt see him.
I'd whistle
But he wouldnt come bounding up.
I suspected
He had died.

I came to know
My dog died.

He liked meat bones.
He wouldn't eat anything else.
Maybe a little milk.
But nothing else.

I came to know
My dog died


The garbage truck carried him away. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

what is there to be happy about ?
you ask.
i dont have a list
but,         i suppose
you.  and your fingers inside
mother, father         and
she, who is far away.
happiness is not everywhere
but it is

Monday, August 6, 2012

sometimes love may look like this

i had seen you after a long time

you in your dirty, unwashed jeans
and kurti,
you with your satchel like bag,
you with your hair let lose
that hung like black clouds
at your waist,
you and your doe like eyes.

every intake of breath was
like an icicle crashing
on its tip from a frozen ceiling-
breathless beauty.

we walked to the curb and sat
on the broken graveyard stones.
playing with your toe-ring, you said,
"mora saiyaan gaan ta te, all that
i want to do is the tatkaar to its beats."
i didn't know what a tatkaar is and that
did not bother me.  but funny, that you
should say to me "mora saiyaan
moh se bolena." it rarely that i hear
your voice.
i didnt know what i tatkar is and so
i stared at my feet.

Monday, June 25, 2012